Submissive Collar User Guide

The word “collar” might not mean anything special to ordinary people, but it can have many types and meanings. It is an integral part of the BDSM erotic practice. It can have many types and many meanings depending on the type of the collar. That’s why it is not an ordinary thing and you should know everything about a collar before wearing any collar around your neck to enjoy sex.

Collaring is a term used to describe a moment when the sub’s training is over and her relationship with the Dom has gone to the next level. There are a lot of interesting things about a submissive collar which you may like to know before you try one. This guide will help you in picking the right collar to describe your relationship with your partner.

Why submissive collars are used?

The word BDSM might sound new to many people. It is a type of erotic roleplaying practice. BDSM involves bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. There is a whole BDSM community which believes in shared experience and self-identification. A collar is considered a valuable object in this community. However, ordinary people also use it while having sex. This is used for the following reasons:

  • To improve posture:

Submissive’s posture plays a crucial role while having sex. If his/her position is not right, the dominant partner cannot enjoy sex the way he or she wants. A color helps the dominant partner in maintaining sub’s ideal posture or stance to have great fun during sex. You can also use it to keep your partner’s chin up and thrust better during the erotic play.

  • To enjoy role-play:

People using that collar love to try kink play during sex. Most of the couples turn the sub into a puppy or kitten and force the sub to do whatever they like to get aroused. The Dom can tie a chin to the collar, lead the sub to oral foreplay, and use that collar to show his/her dominance during the erotic play.

  • To show possession:

The collar is an important accessory in the BDSM community. It is mainly used to reveal the ownership of the sub. A person wearing that collar can be in training, relationship, or free to mingle with other people in the community. That collar reveals everything about the Sub and that’s why it is an important accessory to wear in the BDSM community events.

  • As a jewelry:

It might sound a little weird but many people proudly wear their collar as a piece of jewelry. It is indeed one of socially acceptable kind of jewelries used by thousands of people. You can also try it at home or in events if you want to reveal your interests.

Popular styles of submissive collars:

The most popular styles in submissive collar are as follows:

  • Dog collars:

It is the most widely used type of submissive collar. You may have seen in many BDSM porn videos and pictures. This collar is usually made of leather. Some manufacturers also use metal hardware like studs, spikes, loops, and so on to make it more impressive. However, some dog collars are also made of nylon which you can buy from any pet store around the city. Leather collars are thick and quite classy whereas a nylon collar is quite simple.

  • Eternity collars:

This collar has gotten eternity” name because once no clasp or attachment is used to fix it together. An eternity collar appears like a solid steel ring to the onlookers. It can be a classy sex jewelry if you want to arouse your partner.

  • Toy hybrids:

It is an occasional collar which doubles as an o-ring gag, a ball gag, or a hook to connect other gears such as cuffs, floggers, nose hooks, etc. It is widely used in the BDSM erotic play and also when the couple is using a sex swing to add more thrill in the erotic play.

  • The “Collar” collars:

We all are familiar with what a shirt’s collar looks like. What if someone is wearing just that collar and not the shirt? That’s what a “collar” collar looks like. It is firm durable, and offers a unique appeal to the sub when worn during the erotic play.

  • Jewelry:

The onlookers might not recognize it as a submissive collar because it looks like a charming piece of jewelry. A jewelry collar can look exactly like a necklace and it can still be as strong as other collars. It can be a great gift for your partner if she likes the jewelry and you want her to wear it while practicing BDSM sex. Many women in the BDSM community love this type of collars because they love jewelry and it is a jewelry.

Why a collar is so important in BDSM?

People from the BDSM community interpret a collar quite differently than ordinary people. It is a sacred jewelry for them because it reveals many important things about the wearer. People use their submissive collars as:

  • Protection collar when attending a kink event, like a sex party, dungeon, etc. This collar reveals that the sub is not owned by a Dom but that person is still under protection of his/her partner.
  • Consideration collar to reveal the sub is currently considering whether he/she should go in a long-term relationship or not.
  • Training collar to state the Sub has begin his/her formal training with the Dom.
  • Formal collar, which often takes years to earn. The sub or shave uses this collar to show how dedicated he/she is and the sub also wears a formal collar to reveal a successful training.

Should you buy a submissive collar?

Whether you like to join a BDSM community or not, a collar can be a great gear for erotic play. You can use it during sex for releplay, better posture, and showing your dedication and submission. It is up to you that how you treat this object in your sexual life, but it can add more fun your sex life. We suggest that you try and get one from online store, and see if you will enjoy it. We bet you will.